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Coming April 30, 2019

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“The dislocations of place, identity, time, and truth eddy through Savaş’s elegant debut. . . .Interweaving past and present, Paris and Istanbul, evasion and epiphany in spare yet evocative prose, Savaş’s moving coming-of-age novel offers a rich exploration of intimacy, loneliness, and the endless fluidity of historical, cultural, and personal narrative.”—Publishers Weekly

“Nunu calls this reminiscence of M. an ‘inventory,’ and that is exactly what Savaş has produced here, rendering with elegant intelligence the minute details of both places and people. That the novel moves in circles, acknowledging that some places can be glimpsed but never really explored, makes it all the more like a long walk through a city one can never quite call one's own. A refined and wistful exploration of the nature of memory.” —Kirkus, STARRED review

“In the tradition of the flâneuse, Savaş’ young heroine, Nunu, roams the streets of Paris, where she’s moved to start over, and Istanbul, her home. … It’s the sort of quiet story that can be absolutely mesmerizing in a gifted writer’s hands, and just a few pages of Walking on the Ceiling suggest that Savaş has that gift for the telling detail, the comic jab, the piercing observation.”—Huffington Post, 61 Books We’re Looking Forward To Reading In 2019

“Quiet, intense, and moving.” —Literary Hub

“If you enjoyed the off-kilter, low-key philosophical musings of Elif Batuman’s The Idiot or the friendship between an older male writer and a young woman in Lisa Halliday’s Asymmetry, Walking on the Ceiling looks like a promising debut.” —Barnes&Noble, “6 Literary Debuts to Read in 2019”

“Set in Paris but haunted by Istanbul, Walking on the Ceiling is about the power and limitations of imagining a foreign country as well as the need to confront the past before you can live in the present.” —Medium.com, “Books Are Magic’s Most-Anticipated Books of 2019”

“Sensual, fragile, scented with hope and loss, Walking on the Ceiling is a powerful debut and Ayşegül Savaş is an extremely talented rising star.”—Dorthe Nors, author of Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

“Ayşegül Savaş is an enormous new talent who writes with the rigor of Didion and the tenderness of Sebald. Walking on the Ceiling holds the immediacy of youth and the depth of long-earned wisdom at once. Its elegant voice is sure to summon old memories and longings from each reader, relighting them anew.”—Catherine Lacey, author of The Answers

“In Walking on the Ceiling, Ayşegül Savaş investigates the inability of any story to accurately evoke lived experience—yet her unconventional narrative succeeds in doing just that. Savaş’s celebration of the minutest details of Paris and Istanbul is juxtaposed, to devastating effect, against rising political tensions. This quietly intense debut is the product of a wise and probing mind.” —Helen Phillips, author of The Beautiful Bureaucrat

“Walking on the Ceiling is an elegant meditation on grief, identity, memory and homecoming. Moving between Paris and Istanbul, the novel captures the tangle of narrative around history, both personal andCcollective. I fell in love with this book.”—Katie Kitamura, author of A Separation